Volunteer Information


Volunteers play an invaluable role in enriching the lives of each resident. These unique individuals are found in all departments of Marianhill. They assist in a variety of activities including crafts, entertainment, and special events and provide assistance in our Eating Assistance Program, visit one on one, provide clerical/computer support and are an invaluable asset to Marianhill.

  • Find out more about Volunteer Opportunities and Special Events at Marianhill
  • To initiate the interview and screening process please go to the Volunteer Application Form. (In PDF format. Please print it out and fill in the required information) It can be mailed to:

    Coordinator of Volunteers
    600 Cecelia Street
    Pembroke, Ontario
    K8A 7Z3

    or faxed to:
    (613) 732-3934

For additional information on becoming a volunteer
at Marianhill please contact:
Coordinator of Volunteers
(613) 735-6838 Extension 4329
Fax (613) 732-3934
Email volunteers@marianhill.ca



The Volunteer Program provides extra services and comfort to our residents. Volunteer opportunities are many and varied; edit a newsletter, be a driver, join our eating assistance program or serve as a board member or committee member. These are only a few of the opportunities at Marianhill. The following volunteer positions are part of our volunteer team:

  • Adult Day Program Volunteer
  • Clerical/Computer Volunteer
  • Eating Assistant Volunteer
  • Palliative Care Volunteer
  • Porter
  • Pastoral Care Volunteer
  • Recreation Volunteer
  • Special Events Volunteer
  • Visiting

While new volunteers are welcome in all programs, the Volunteer Program at Marianhill is presently seeking volunteers for the Eating Assistance and Adult Day Programs. The Adult Day Program involves a commitment of one day per week from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and volunteers are needed who can assist in crafts and who can provide entertainment such as playing the piano. Volunteers in the Eating Assistance Program must be available on a weekly and/or daily basis for breakfast, lunch or dinner.