Dietary Services

Dietary needs and preferences are determined at the time of admission. Marianhill's Clinical Dietitian assesses nutrition status quarterly, noting changes in the resident's medical condition and/or dietary preferences that may require a change in the nutrition care plan.

A three-week menu cycle is followed to ensure a variety of foods are offered. There are designated meal times for each of the three meals per day. Nourishments are available for all residents between meals. Meals and snacks are prepared on site in the main kitchen, according to Canada's Food Guide and the Long Term Care Guidelines. For those frail residents needing assistance with eating, special dining areas are staffed to meet individual needs.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the meal planning process. A meal planned by the residents is offered monthly.

Special Events

  • Special Family Christmas meals are offered in the period immediately prior to Christmas. Notices will be posted approximately a month in advance to allow families to make reservations.
  • Rooms are available upon request to accommodate larger family events.